Winter Woollies is no more

Thanks for the memories Desert Defenders! We had been attending this event regularly since 2015 and all have been filled with fantastic memories, views, trips and company.

Winter Woollies have long been a staple event on the winter calendar for the shiney or tough truck but after many years of running the successful family and fun event, this event won’t officially be run anymore.

The event is closing as its has been harder to organise due to

  • Increased difficulty in access to the army land.
  • The cost of certification for the event
  • resources needed to run the event

What you might not know is that the Desert defenders is a small club of 5 members achieving great things for charity and especially after the passing of their long standing and wonderful Winter Woollies organizer Craig in 2017, the club has had to divide its limited resources, and members to focus on various events and charity work.

Thanks for the memories Desert Defenders! Hope to see you at the various events around the north island

Give them some love, thanks and support via their facebook page:

Winter Woolies Wonderland

Official club statement:

It is with regret that the Desert Defenders Off Road Club advise our many supporters that we have decided to stop running the WINTER WOOLLIES 4WD SAFARI.

There are a number of factors for making this decision.

Over the last two years the NZDF have reviewed the policy of land and staff use for events like ours. The NZDF staff that were available during previous events, voluntarily helped on the day, to ensure we were keeping to our agreement and health and safety protocols. We are incredibly grateful for their time and the generosity of NZDF for the use of the training area.

We are a small club of 5 and have family and work commitments that make it increasingly time consuming to organise and run this event. We all have growing families and they are our priority for the foreseeable future.

While we still raise funds for charity, catering for weddings, parties and other events. This is going to take a more local / community focus in the future. The work and ethos of our chosen charity supporting KIWI kids is still something we support. However, we are struggling to find the energy and time to attend and support as we have in the past.

In closing on behalf of Robert, Priscilla, Marty, Brenda and myself, thank you to our wonderful Sponsors and attendees for all you have done to support our club, 4WDrs and the children of NZ. Our grateful thanks to you all.

We hope to take part in some 4WD events in your back yards one day.
with warm regards
Kandy Mott



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