2 days at Gum Diggers with the Shore4wheelers

Members of the Shore4wheelers, the 4wd club based on Auckland’s North Shore had a great 2 days of exploration and adventure.
The trip was a Grade 3.5 (Shiny with scratches with possibilities of dents) The Shore4wheelers managed to cover the Gum Diggers fire break twice over the long labour weekend break.

Saturday round 1 –
0400 Saturday start (long trip up north!)for some from Auckland and first stop Kerikeri Markets!
1100 Made our way to Ahipara for our meeting point.
1200 Hitting Gumfields Gum diggers firebreak track with 6 trucks, the convoy featured:

  • Carl and Rosemary in their Toyota LandCruiser 60 series
  • Dan and Lisa in their Shorty Patrol
  • Jeremy and Dale in his Virgin 2009 Holden Rodeo (very shiny)
  • Lee in his Chopped Nissan shorty Patrol Ute
  • Sam in his V6 Suzuki Vitara( from Kauri Coast 4WD Club)
  • Lance in his Canam
  • Steve and I in the ITS4WD 80 series LandCruiser

We had a bit of everything, got stuck a bit, but recovered mainly through snatching and a couple of winches. It was wet with some big
puddles! The 60 has a dent in rear left but with any luck might pop out – good old 60s :). Went back along the beach and Rocks to Ahipara pulling out every 2WD stuck on the soft
1800 Sam (thanks Kauri Coast for coming along) heads home to Whangarei after an epic day.
1900 We go back to Camp site at Ahipara Holiday Park, Tents up then off to Stone Grill for dinner and then Bed for a rest by 2300

Sunday round 2 –

Gumdiggers to Herekino, Carl & Rosemary, Lee, Jeremy and Dale head home to Auckland

Staying on is:

  • Lance in Canam, Dan and Lisa in their Short Patrol, Steve and Myself in the ITS4WD Toyota 80 series.

Joining us for Sunday is:

  • Che Nelson, Alesha and two of his Cousins in his D21 Nissan Terrano with fresh Rebuilt Gearbox
  • Racing Innovations (Israel) and Tash made it from Auckland after 48 hours straight working be in the Central Motoring work shop on his short Patrol with new turbo, Intercooler and snorkel set up!!

We hammered the trail again and Gumdiggers is done in an 1 Hour and 10 mins. Easy once you know how!  Got down to the river then hung a left at the river, beach exit and made our way round the high tide mark to first hill climb. 6 options so pick your line! As we managed to get to the top then we stood and watched the others attempt and succeed.

This group moved up but then one tried a line that just was not right! The 70 series was rolled in slow motion and we all went to check. All caught on video by Lance Bell! After righting the 70 we all loaded back up and made our way round to Herikino with lots of sand to bush entry’s and exits and rock crawling!  First flat of the weekend goes to me on the 80 with my front left popping off the bead on the out side after a fast approach. High lift jack, air compressor and a clean and we were rolling again.

We then made our way round the rocky shores and beautiful bays that make the coast. Finally finding the Marker Cone to the forestry road exit. Che and his team in the Terrano and Steven and I in ITS4WD 80 series make our way off the dunes to forest and head home! We left the thrill seekers Dan and Lisa, Israel and Tash in the shorty Patrols plus Lance in the Canam to Winch and ground Anchor their way back to Ahipara.

Arriving back in Auckland at 2100 safe and sound! Fantastic run.

– Trip report by James Kirkham

– Photos by LugLife Photography

– Video by Lance Bell

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