Port Waikato – Further restricted access

Due to a recent rise in activity down at Port Waitkato which has the locals up in arms, the Port Waikato dunes is currently being assessed for a locals only permit onto the main access roads to the beach. Permits are meant to be given to those that can prove that they are local residents. This comes in the wake of a rise in 4wds accessing the beach and dunes and the last straw effectively being several trucks being left stranded then 1 being vandalized with rubbish strewn over the dunes. The recovery of the vehicle was sanctioned by the council who are working with the local police on how to limit the damage being caused by 4wds, who are giving all 4wders a less than ideal reputation.

“The public should be aware that the Port Waikato Sand Dunes is private property and belong to the Ngati Karewa, Ngati Tahinga Trust and the Department of Conservation. It is of the good will of both the Trust and DOC that they allow vehicles to drive on the sand dunes”.

This further ignites the discussion for land access for the general public, the decline in responsible 4wding due to the new in-flood of 4wding enthusiasts needing good off-roading role models and controlled activities through mentoring via 4wd figureheads and 4wd clubs.

Stay tuned for more info from the local constabulary and further debate on responsible 4wding as there are a number of public areas now being under threat, the ones commonly mentioned are Sand Island and Hull Rd.





















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