Achieving the maximum potential of your diesel tuning with Trundles – Part 3

Once you have completed the required servicing and maintenance on your pride and joy its now time to get it  tuned!

There is always a few points worth thinking about when taking it to the Dyno. Initially I would recommend always having the vehicle tuned on the Dyno followed by being run on the road with a wide band to ensure that the tune is accurate under all types of load. If the company you are dealing with does not use or own a Dyno I would be very cautious due to when road tuning the truck it will not behave the same way as (for instance) when driving on the beach or towing a trailer.

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We have seen some very poor tunes from plug-in tuners and/or road tuners, to the point that we were surprised that the motor has not been destroyed due to running as lean as 26-1 AFR at peak torque and as rich as 14 -1 on wide open throttle as an example. This particular vehicle made 200NM more torque, 1500RPM earlier from just merely having the correct tuning equipment.

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The next thing I would recommend is to pick a tuner that is familiar with your vehicle. If you tell your tuner you have a VDJ76 with a 1VD  motor and they don’t know what that is, chances  are you are at the wrong workshop!!!

Once you have your tuner and tuning system sorted, it always pays  to have some budget left over as they may find potential issues with your truck that may need rectifying. Anything from a leaking intercooler to a worn suction control valve or perhaps a clutch that is not suitable for the performance increase.

My last piece of advice is always stay realistic about the amount of gains you are chasing and listen to your tuners advice.

Remember the power output is only a number, torque is what puts you back in your seat and smooth transient power is almost always essential for a daily driven truck!

– Trundles Automotive

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