Product Review: 12v Rydge Rider Outdoor Shower

Nz4wheeling has tested this product, for the price offering compared to heavy duty marine ones at 100’s of dollars more, it proved functional and adequate for a quick rinse off after the beach.

The 12v cord plugs into your cigarette lighter for convenience, the power cord and water hose at 2meters long is adequately long enough to run from inside the cabin out to your shower spot. The electrics are waterproofed and the on/off button easy to use.

Between 3 children and an adult, rinsing off salt water used about 6 Litres of water at maximum pressure. (usually when using a cup of water to rinse from the same water container used all 10 Litres available) implying that there was a lot of wastage before the 12v shower setup.

It claims adjustable water pressure and you can set the shower head strength by pushing a metal pin from left to right, we found that we had to set it to max strength to get good flow from the built in pump. the Min setting was hardly worth using.

Note if you are intending the pump to go into a water container, you need a water container that has a wide cap in order to fit the pump in. (approx 12cm)

It comes in a handy travel storage bag and is a bugger to get out of its shop shelf packaging (you will need scissors)

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Pros: Price – cheap as chips and easy to setup, saves water, convenient with cigarette socket, easy to use. Comes with a good storage bag.

Cons: Max pressure is the only setting you can use, isn’t a long term solution if camping for long periods of time, needs direct battery connection options to improve long term use options. Need a wide neck water container if using a water container. Can only connect to 12v cigarette socket

Nz4wheeling verdict: Convenient and well priced quick fix to a shower problem, need a solution for warming the water though.

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