Jeepers, truly wicked

Meet ‘Wicked Jane’, she is a Grand Jeep. Little known fact, that these Grands normally go under the WJ code, however the RHD ones are actually coded WG.
The ‘quick mods’ list for Wicked Jane:

– Iron Rock Off Road 6.5″ lift springs
– Front 3 link long arm system (long arms plus “Iron-Y” arm)
– Front and rear long arm uni-frame brackets
– Iron Rock Off Road front adjustable length HD track bar
– Iron Rock Off Road Adjustable A-arm
– NP242 UHD transfer case
– Transfer Case drop kit 1″
– Tom Woods custom front drive shaft with double cardan at both ends
– Coil spring retainers
– Custom pitman arm
– Bilstein 5125 shocks
– JKS Sway bar quick disconnect system
– Brake line relocating brackets
– Extended rear sway bar links
– Custom 15×8 Steel Rims
– Custom free flow exhaust

Look at Jane in all her devilishness. Truly wicked.

Source and thanks – Attila Majlath

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