Whats NZ4Wheeling all about?

NZ4Wheeling is an online 4×4 community that brings all 4wheelers together to read and contribute to 4×4 news, images, videos and events. We’ll present projects and modifications as well as track (road) status and updates.

4×4 and offroading images, exciting videos are collected or linked to , trip reports written, camping options, reviews and testing of gear, tools and services.

Everything 4×4 can be read about ranging from DOC news, quick bush food options to legal issues and nz4wda updates. NZ4Wheeling will be paired up with its Facebook group to run sponsor giveaways and competitions, advertising of products and services and discuss the state and fun of 4×4 in general via social media. Advertisers and services get instant feedback and connection with the readership.

We will have regular contributors for projects, DIYS, pictorials and videos that brings the 4×4 community together to enjoy the 4×4 life and the life offroad and outdoors. If you would like to contribute or send an email to the editor, see below.

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