Location Feature: Bream Bay, Whangarei

Today’s location feature is Bream Bay, Whangarei. Situated alongside Ruakaka,  Bream Bay hosts a selection of white sandy beaches.

With restrictions on dune 4x4ing and camping, it has firm and soft sand and a high water mark that allows easy carefree parking on the beach for the family to enjoy a barbeque, some friendly sports, or general sandcastle tom foolery.

The waves are small to medium and allow for a decent body board, we did spot some fishermen but have no knowledge about how fruitful the fishing is in the area (yet).

Amazing find. brilliant at noon and sunset, with no real shade it would be hot on a sunny under direct sun.

You will need 4×4 to access the beach and has only 2 entry and exit points, the main beach is about 5-7 kms long. There are designated no-go areas listed on the information boards sited at each beach entry point (see the pictures)

Photo credit: Amber


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